Original Jigsaw Puzzle

The best gift

You can make a personal puzzle by just e-mailing a picture.

Memories with your loved ones, weddings, babies, family, pets etc. From your precious picture, we can make a one of a kind personal jigsaw puzzle. This is a great gift for anniversaries and celebrations.

Original Jigsaw Puzzle

It's very easy to order. All you have to do is send or e-mail a picture. Then our factory will make your personal jigsaw puzzle.

They are hand made by Japanese craftsmen

After we receive your order, our experienced Japanese craftsmen will make them one by one. You will receive a carefully crafted item that you will enjoy which is one of a kind. Puzzle prices depends on the size of the jigsaw puzzle. Please look at the puzzle size and price chart.

Memories become an personal jigsaw puzzle

Important events in your life such as your wedding. Memories with a special person in your life. Anyone will enjoy this special gift! We provide gift wrapping for those who want it ready to give.

original jigsaw puzzle

You can choose any kind of personal jigsaw puzzle.

The personal jigsaw puzzle has endless possibilities

There are three sizes (S, M, L) of the puzzles. You can also choose the size of the puzzle pieces (S, M, L) Please choose your preference from the 9 choices.

puzzle mount

You will receive the outlines of puzzle pieces printed on the chipboard. Please use this to help you construct your personal jigsaw puzzle.

Time frame

From the time we receive your image, we send out your puzzle within 10 business days. Please understand any delays due to weather, traffic etc. which are out of our control. Please see the Flow for details.


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