Original Jigsaw Puzzle

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From order to delivery

The process from ordering until delivery is as follows. It is very simple. Your steps are only STEP 1 and 2.

STEP1 Order

Original Jigsaw Puzzle STEP

Please fill out the order form. We will send you the information of how to send the picture and payment.

STEP2 Payment and Sending Image

Original Jigsaw Puzzle STEP

Use PayPal to send your payment. Then send your image by e-mail.

STEP3 Production of Puzzle and Shipping

Original Jigsaw Puzzle STEP

From the data that you sent, we begin the jigsaw puzzle production in the factory in Japan. Once it is finished, we will send it airmail from Japan.

STEP4 Product Arrival

Original Jigsaw Puzzle STEP

Your product arrives! It is your personal jigsaw puzzle in the world. You can make it many times or put in the exclusive frame for display. Please enjoy!

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